Course Description

The Social Sciences Academic Resource Center (SSARC) offers the Social Sciences 197: Professional Internships Course which is an online, P/NP course that provides students with academic elective credit (Max 8) for internship experiences (restricted to Social Science majors only). This online course will guide you through internship scenarios, update your resume or cover letter, and allow you to discuss internship experiences with your fellow students. Participating in this course will allow you to apply knowledge acquired in the course during your 5-10 hour internship experience. To receive credit you must enroll in Social Science 197 at the same time your internship is in progress.

  • Where do I find an internship opportunity?
  • Need help with the interview process?

    Visit the SSARC office if you need assistance finding an internship opportunity. SSARC is located on the first floor of Social and Behavioral Sciences Gateway (Room 1230) during regular business hours.

  • Enrollment Process

    Social Sciences 197 is offered every quarter, including Summer Session I and II. Enrollment is first-come, first-served. No late adds will be accepted into the course. You must have your internship site approved prior to enrolling in Social Sciences 197. If you are an International Studies major, please see the section below.

    For ALL quarters, please complete the Social Sciences 197 Enrollment Form no later than Wednesday, Week 2. Be prepared to upload an offer letter from your supervisor that includes the following:

    • Name, location, and website of internship site
    • Name, e-mail, and phone number of supervisor
    • Start and end dates of the internship with the hours per week
    • Indication of pay or non-pay (if paid, indicate hourly wage)
    • Type of internship (remote or in-person)
    • A clear description of learning objectives or goals related to student's major
    • A job description that outlines special projects, tasks and qualifications
    • Supervisors' signature

    Authorization codes are required for the course during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter enrollment and will be emailed upon approval of internship site. Authorization codes are not required for Summer Session. For more information about enrollment dates during the academic year, please review the UCI Academic Calendar . For more information about summer enrollment dates, please review the Summer Session Academic Calendar.

    NOTICE: Internship sites are approved on a case by case basis. Employers will be screened and verified to ensure that University and Social Sciences 197 criteria are met.

  • International Studies (IS) Majors

    International Studies majors planning to satisfy the international experience requirement with an internship, must adhere to the following criteria and guidelines:

    • All students interested in pursuing an internship must submit the International Experience Internship Petition and have it approved prior to the internship beginning. The petition must be submitted to the Social Sciences Undergraduate Student Affairs Office (SBSG 1201) well in advance of the internship beginning as it may take some time to review all documentation. All internships must be non-paid and have a significant international cultural component to be reviewed.
    • Once the internship has been approved, students will receive an authorization code from the instructor of Social Sciences 197. The Social Sciences 197 course must be taken concurrently while the internship is in progress. The course cannot be taken before the internship begins or after it has been completed.
    • For a list of approved local internships, please click here. Please note all internships must be petitioned, even if they are on the preferred list. The approved internship will serve as a guideline of past internships that have been approved.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kurt Hessinger at

  • International Students

    International students may be eligible for CPT, a type of employment authorization that allows students to complete an internship/training off campus. CPT is not available after a student completes a degree program. Consult the International Center for CPT policies and application requirements and review the CPT Online Tutorial.

    Students will need the approval from an academic advisor in the Social Sciences Undergraduate Students Affairs Office on the CPT application form to enroll in Social Sciences 197. Once approval is provided, the SSARC will provide the student an authorization code to enroll in Social Sciences 197. Authorizations codes are not required during Summer Session.

    NOTICE: Internship sites of Curricular Practical Training (CPT) applicants must be approved through the Division of Career Pathways' internship portal, Handshake, in order to be considered for enrollment in Social Sciences 197. No exceptions will be made.

  • Course Information

    Each quarter, two courses are offered for internships. You will be placed based on your internship agreement.

    • SocSci 197, Section A: 4 units for unpaid or paid internship (100 hours/quarter)
    • SocSci 197, Section B: 2 units for unpaid or paid internship (50 hours/quarter)

    All internships have the same learning outcomes:

    • Define and articulate the fundamentals of leadership theory and leader self-development
    • Identify their strengths and potential career aspirations
    • Perform general, if not specific, work-related tasks and assignments respective to their internship
    • Implement key professional strategies and practices introduced through online lectures and assigned readings



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