Internship Courses

The SSARC offers the Social Sciences 197: Professional Internships Course which is an online, P/NP course that provides students with academic elective credit (Max 8) for internship experiences. Students participating in an internship will apply knowledge acquired in the classroom through their internship experience during their 5 hours-10 hours per week (2-4 units) of service. Social Science 197 must be taken concurrently while the internship is in progress and it is restricted to Social Sciences majors only.

Where do I find an internship opportunity?

Enrollment Process

Internship courses are offered every quarter, including Summer Session I & II, and enrollment is first-come, first-served. Authorization codes are required for the course and will be distributed from the Social Sciences Academic Resource Center (SBSG 1230). No late adds will be accepted into the course.

  • You must submit an enrollment form to get an authorization code for the class, if you are International Studies Major please see the section below: SocSci 197 Enrollment Form
  • Visit the SSARC office if you need assistance finding an internship opportunity
  • Be prepared to provide an offer letter from your supervisor that includes (1) name, location, and website of your internship site, (2) name, e-mail, and phone number of your supervisor, and (3) outlines your duties, responsibilities, hours, employment date, pay (if applicable), and your employer's signature to the SSARC (SBSG 1230).
  • Space is limited. Submit all necessary documents no later than Wednesday of Week 2
  • You must have your internship site approved prior to receiving your authorization code from the Course Instructor
  • Please Note: Remote internships and internships outside of the LA or Orange County Area will not be approved for academic credit.

International Studies (IS) Majors

  • IS Majors planning to enroll in the internship course to satisfy the International Experience Requirement must read this information. SocSci 197 can be taken for 2 or 4 units each quarter depending on your hour commitment at your internship (2 units for 50 hours, 4 units for 100 hours). 
  • Please note: you must have a total of 100 hours to meet the International Experience Requirement
  • You must submit a petition and have it approved prior to the start of the internship. The petition must be submitted well in advance of the internship as it may take some time to review all documentation. Internships must be non-paid and have a significant international/cultural component to be considered. Link to petition can be found here: International Experience Internship Petition
  • Please note that ALL internships must be petitioned for IS Majors, even if they are on the preferred list. The attached list serves as a guideline of past internships that have been approved for International Studies Majors. The list gets updated on a annual basis. Find the link to the page by Clicking Here

International Students

  • If you are an international student, please consult with the International Center about the process for obtaining an internship. 

Course Information

Each quarter, five courses are offered for internships. You will be placed based on your internship agreement.

  • SocSci 197, Section A: 4 units for unpaid internship (100 hours/quarter)
  • SocSci 197, Section B: 2 units for unpaid internship (50 hours/quarter)
  • SocSci 197, Section C: 2 units for paid internship (50-100 hours/quarter)
  • SocSci 197Section D: 2 units for International Studies Major unpaid internship (50 hours/quarter)
  • SocSci 197Section E: 4 units for International Studies Major unpaid internship (100 hours/quarter)

All internships have the same learning outcomes:

  • Define and articulate the fundamentals of leadership theory and leader self-development
  • Identify their strengths and potential career aspirations
  • Perform general, if not specific, work-related tasks and assignments respective to their internship
  • Implement key professional strategies and practices introduced through online lectures and assigned readings


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