The Social Sciences Academic Resource Center (SSARC) sponsors two certificates certificate programs to enrich your experience here within the School of Social Sciences! 

Research Certificate
Our research certificate has requirements that can be completed at the discretion of the student. The requirements and applications for certification are provided below. To apply, you will be asked to sign-in to Google in order to submit a file upload. If you have any questions about applicable coursework, please contact the SSARC at


Microphone on Stage


Social Science Public Speaking Program

Join our flexible year long program and build skills to inform, influence, and motivate your audience while gaining self-confidence and self-efficacy a public speaker through a series of interactive workshops. 

Learning Objectives

  • Build more confidence in various public settings
  • Engage audiences in future presentations
  • Understand how to manage stress, anxiety, and confidence
  • Identify specific strategies to promote effective delivery

Any undergraduate student in the School of Social Sciences may participate in as many sessions and presentations as they choose. In addition, students who complete four of the five general sessions and two 5-minute presentations during the academic year will receive a certificate (no academic credit). Sign-ups are currently available! Questions, email

Certificate Requirements

  • Attendance and participation at four of the five general sessions in the series: 
  • Introduction to Public Speaking (required)
  • Building Confidence in Public Speaking
  • Stage Presence and Movement
  • Using Emotion, Tone, and Pace
  • Connecting to your Audience with Charisma
  • Completion of two 5-minute presentations

PSP Schedule for winter 2021

  • Week 2 | Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Required session for PSP certificate completion
  • Week 3 | Building Confidence in Public Speaking
  • Week 4 | Let's Practice! Learn to Speak on a Whim
  • Week 5 | Stage Presence and Movement
  • Week 6 | Using Emotion, Tone, and Pace
  • Week 7 | Connecting to your Audience with Charisma
  • Week 9 | Let's Practice! Learn to Speak on a Whim


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Social Sciences Certificates

Departments within Social Sciences may also have certificates that are available for you to accomplish. Each certificate will outline courses to complete and other requirements. See the list below for available certificates: 





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