About the Program

The Social Science Public Speaking Program is a quarter long program that provides students with skills to inform, influence, and motivate their audience while encouraging self-confidence and self-efficacy as public speakers through a series of interactive workshops. Participants that attend all sessions during the 8-week program will receive a certificate at the end of the quarter. Academic credit is not applicable to this program.

Learning Objectives

After completing the program, participants will be able to:

  • Speak with more confidence in various public settings
  • Integrate various techniques to enhance presentation delivery
  • Engage audiences throughout future presentations
  • Use visual aids to compliment presentation content effectively
  • Address and understand how to manage stress, anxiety, and confidence issues
  • Identify specific public speaking strategies that promote effective delivery


  • Open to all Majors within School of Social Sciences
  • Attend all 8 sessions in the series
  • Complete 3 scheduled 5 minute presentations (Session 4, 6, & 8)

Program Schedule

Wednesdays | 5:00pm-6:00pm

Location: SBSG 1200

Below will be a list of the sessions that will be held throughout the quarter. Sessions will begin Week 2.

  • Session 1 - Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Session 2 - Building Confidence in Public Speaking
  • Session 3 - Stage Presence and Movement
  • Session 4 - Presentation 1 - Story Telling
  • Session 5 - Using Emotion, Tone, and Pace
  • Session 6 - Presentation 2 - Motivation Speech
  • Session 7 - Connecting to your Audience with Charisma
  • Session 8 - Presentation 3 - Workshop Practice

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